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Apr 29, 2015

Four Intriguing Social Anxiety Issues that Millennials May Want to Treat to Save Finances

While a few nods to the claim, most Filipino Millennials prove that being stereotyped as privileged individuals, who have their finances as the least of their worries, is a myth. Contrary to the idea, many of them are stressed since they constantly have to come up with witty responses to being branded cheapskates because they, indeed, prefer living frugal and simple lives. 

However, it’s a different story for Filipino Millennials who are dealing with various social anxiety issues on the side. As much as they wouldn’t want to, they end up screwing their budget whenever they’re under pressure. Despite brilliantly laid out plans of being financially responsible, they tend to be the most illogical persons the instant a set of social situations comes up.

Here’s the list of their social anxiety issues:

1. The incessant need to be above
Some Filipinos are socially crippled by their incessant need to be above. For them, they have a right to be anxious and push aside any plans of following a personal budget because there’s always competition. From their choice of clothes, condo units, and office furniture, to having the sexier and more gorgeous date to a party, they crave to be better and have something better than the person next to them.

Consequently, this anxiety issue ends up killing their chances of being in total control of their finances. Because they want to be better than the others, they’re usually willing to go off-book and purchase items that could allow them to elevate their status from that of another’s.

2. The fear of missing out
A 3rd-generation iPod Nano would suffice for many Filipinos. However, for those who think that fitting into society means having the latest model of the music player, it wouldn’t. 

In the aforementioned scenario, Filipinos with the particular social issue are afraid that unless they act similar to the rest of society, they’re doomed to be left behind. Thus, even if they hadn’t planned a purchase of over P10, 000 originally, they’ll figure out a way to get a brand new Apple product for themselves.

3. The crowd chooser
Some millennials are suffering from a type of social anxiety if they go out of their way to avoid certain people. For them, stumbling upon them will herd in bouts of overwhelming emotions. Whether the subjects will make them feel too happy, irritated, embarrassed, or nervous once they laid eyes on them, they refuse to have any intention of acknowledging those people’s existences.

For instance, instead of planning to walk along the street from the offices to their houses, they choose to spit out P70 for taxi fare. Because they do not want anything to do with the crowd, they’re about to encounter, they make plans contrary to their usual afternoon stroll.

4. The urge to be the star
Because of their urge to be the star at a gathering, many Filipino Millennials will ditch the idea of keeping a handle on their spending habits. With this social anxiety problem, they’re making themselves believe that it’s not them who are the star. Rather, it’s their new possession: the new dress, new car, new smartphone, new shoes, a new purse, and what not. 

Unless they’ll indulge in the desire to be on the spotlight, they are likely to go all over the place. Among the worries that are theirs for the taking are paranoia, self-hatred, self-doubt, self-pity, and jealousy.

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