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Feb 7, 2013

COL Financial Investment Guide

Please Login your COL Financial Account then go to RESEARCH -> FUNDAMENTALS -> INVESTMENT GUIDE

Have you noticed the recent change in COL Financial Investment Guide? If not then let me share it with you. This is the one of the best update from COL because we no longer need to consume more time to think of what stock we can buy. From the new Investment Guide, they have added a column "Buy Below". As described by COL:

Buy Below - Based on the judgement of the analyst covering the stock, the Buy Below price is a level at which capital appreciation potential is already attractive relative to the fair value estimate. Any price below the Buy Below price is considered an attractive level to buy the stock. 

How this simple column can help you?
All you need to do is check the current price of the stock you love and see if it is below the "Buy Below" price. If YES then BUY IT! Simple right? You don't even spend 15 minutes to decide on what to buy.

You can now spend your time in looking for other Cash flow that will help you grow your Investment.

Happy Investing!

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