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Mar 8, 2013

Pautang. Pasalubong. Palibre. Paano na Ako?!?

Let me first say Thank you! to Francis Salvador, for allowing me to share his short writing here in MagInvest Ka Pinoy. My intention is to use this writing and share it with our fellow OFW kababayan who share the same experiences. There are alot of things that you can learn from what Francis Salvador have shared, so take the most out of it. I will no longer deliver a long speech because this is a long BUT rewarding read for you. 

 Here it goes:

Spoiler Warning: This is a very self serving post. Apologies I used a lot of "I". I was writing this somewhere based on my experiences, not for this site. I thought It would be worthwhile to share here. I want to try rewriting it back, but got no time ^_^ 

There are people I disagree with, with some people come up and face me to tell me that they do. It is ok. I don’t mind. I am happy on who I am and I believe what is reasonable to maintain what I have now I will uphold it. I have big aspirations in life and never a day I stopped telling myself I will be one and never I stopped acting like one. I may be assertive, I may be a bully but people will agree that the longer they stay with me I change the way they walk their lives for the better.

Some things I will surely lie so we will not end up disagreeing. I know what society expects from an OFW. Pasensya po, hindi kami namumulot ng pera kung saan man kami naroroon.

1. Friend, pautang naman o!

I have been in the business of lending years back. I had gains and losses in the business and I am quite efficient running it. I stopped running the business for the reasons I hate asking people money when they don’t. So it would be a wrong Idea to ask anything from me now when I have stopped lending to people. If we are friends and not lending you anything will break up our relationship, I rather break our relationship now than lending you money if it would be difficult for you to pay me back. Same thing will still happen, friendship will still be broken if it does. So live with it. I don’t like lending people money. Period.

My advice, live your life according to your means and do not try spending into something thinking that other people will take care of your expenses in case you can’t pay.

Anyway, If you do live a life beyond your means, stop it. You will end up borrowing more from your friends, and the more you don’t pay you will unceremoniously lose them one by one. It is more costly to gain people’s trust than losing it. Like a rare commodity, so as your friends. Sooner or later when you run out of people to help, you'll surely be in deep s***.


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