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May 5, 2013

How to Start Investing?

Before you continue reading this, I strongly suggest you read this first: 

If your BAD DEBTS is ZERO, your EMERGENCY FUND is now 3x-6x your Monthly Expenses and you already have an INSURANCE for PROTECTION, then you are now READY to take the BIG STEP and begin your Journey to the WORLD of INVESTING.

You can choose from the following options:

1. RENTAL  INCOME - An income from which the owner receives payment from the occupant(s), known as tenants, in return for occupying or using the property. Rental properties may be either residential or commercial. The owner of rental property may be allowed to take certain tax deductions such as mortgage interest and depreciation.

Rental Properties is the most conservative type of INVESTMENT and enable you to own a HARD ASSETS and receive CASH FLOW.

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2.1 MUTUAL FUND - A mutual fund is a company whose capital is invested by a professional fund manager in investment-grade instruments like stocks, bonds, and so on. 

If you invest in a mutual fund, you're buying shares of that company, and your money is included in the pool of capital that is being invested by the fund manager.  The price of buying(or selling back) your shares is based on the market value of the investments of the company at that time.

Here is how you can start investing in Mutual Funds: Start INVESTING in MUTUAL FUND

2.2 A Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is an open-ended pooled trust fund denominated in pesos or any acceptable currency, which is operated and administered by a trust entity and made available by participation. Each UITF product is governed by a Declaration of Trust (or Plan Rules) which contains the investment objectives of the  UITF as well as the mechanics for investing, operating and administering the fund.

Here is how you can start investing in UITF : Open a BDO UITF Easy Investment Plan

3. STOCKS - A type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation's assets and earnings.

Follow this 5 Simple Steps:  

Alot of Filipinos are afraid when they hear the word "INVESTMENT / INVESTING" because its RISKY but most of them typically end up believing in some SCAM that promise a QUICK REWARD or DOUBLE YOUR MONEY guarantee. Those are just SHORT TERM reward and requires TIME and HIGH RISK as compared to the REAL INVESTING APPROACH.

So WHY take your CHANCE of GAMBLING your HARD EARN MONEY for a QUICK REWARD if you can have a LIFETIME REWARD from INVESTMENTS that truly bring you to your DREAM RETIREMENT.


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