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Oct 4, 2013

COL Financial New COL Account Types

Effective October 16, 2013, COL Financial we will be launching three (3) different account types and platform features to address the different needs and profiles of our COL customers.

You can view your Account Type when you log-in to your COL account, below your user number on the left side of the homepage.

Three New Account Types: 

Features for each Account Types:

Description of features

    Java Charts - Java charts is a browser based java charting application that provides a robust degree of prices in graphic form that can be viewed with a host of technical indicators and tools. Starter accounts can only view End of Day data (if you look today you can only see chart data as of yesterdays close) while Plus and higher accounts can see live streaming data.

    Market Data - Market data shows information on stock quotes and various statistical information sent by the PSE. All accounts have access to live data but Starter accounts must call out such data or frefreshed' when needed. All other accounts can receive data from the stream and not need to be refreshed.

    Price Ticker - An applet that displays running data of current market prices. This feature must be called out from Starter Accounts, while all other accounts can find this ticker embedded into the basic webpages of COL Financial.

    Research Pages - COL Financial provides a host of research reports and statistical guides that help provide information to customers to aid in rendering analysis and a market view. All COL Financial reports are open to all account types.

    Customer Support/Helpdesk
- You may tap the services of COL Financial's Helpdesk or Customer Support group to answer questions about account opening, website use, brokerage services, and other pieces of general information (non-inclusive of market advisory information). You may call COL Financial's hotline at 6-515-888 or email us at helpdesk@colfinancial.com

    Easy Investment Program (EIP) Facility - this is the feature on COL Financial that allows for the use of cost averaging by providing a convenient EIP Scheduler calendar that reminds you to execute planned trades over in time.

    Margin Facility - this is a credit facility that allows customers to borrow funds and make additional purchases of stocks using their stock and cash assets as collateral. Interest is charged for any loans made.

    Broker information - a feature available to Plus accounts and higher that provides data that measures brokerage transactions viewed as a whole or through stock specific filters, as well as a Brokers' daily ranking report.

    Expanded 6-Pack - an expanded six pack allows a user to build up to four different 6-pack pages whose headers may be renamed to earmark a specific watch group

    Relationship Manager - A personal helpdesk specialist who caters to the needs of Premium customers.

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