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Jan 1, 2014

BDO UITF Easy Investment Plan

Let me start Year 2014 by giving you wonderful advise on how you can start your Year right. January is the most important Month of the Year for me because on this month, we build our dreams, our goals, and we plan how we see our self for the entire year. 

Unfortunately, Most people plan only for the entire year. There is nothing wrong about that But, if your dream is to become Rich and Wealthy, you need to plan Long Term.  Because Wealth is not created over night. Not Even a Year! 

By the way, have you heard about P.E.R.A. Law?
As PERA Contributors, one will receive the following benefits through PERA:
  • Income earned is tax exempt;
  • Annual contributions are eligible to a 5% tax credit, subject to issuance of BIR regulation;
  • Upon reaching 55 years of old and have made at least 5 years of contributions, PERA withdrawals are not subject to income tax; and
  • In the event of the untimely demise of the Contributor, the PERA funds are not subject to estate taxes.

Going back to this topic about BDO UITF Easy Invesment Plan, It takes alot of small but repeated task of accumulating and multiplying your savings. You need to build the Habit within you. Honestly, it is not how much capital you have, It is the habit that makes you Wealthy. Building Wealth is not an easy job and Time is also needed and the most important thing you need.

As I have emphasized in my recent blog Magimpok. Mamuhunan. Magretiro and IPON o INVEST. Alin nga ba, You need to Save and Invest to be able to Retire happily and enjoy life. One Product in the Philippine Market that can assist you to Multiply your Savings is BDO UITF Easy Investment Plan (EIP). 

BDO Easy Investment Plan (EIP) offers option on where you will invest your savings. They have the following Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) available through the EIP:

* BDO Peso Money Market Fund (PMMF)
* BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund (PFIF)
* BDO Peso Balanced Fund (PBAL)
* BDO Equity Fund (EQUITY)

With BDO UITF, the Investment Amount  Starts at Php1,000.00 per contribution per month for all UITFs with the EIP feature except for the BDO Peso Money Market Fund (PMMF), which starts at Php 10,000.00.

And to help you build the habit, You can choose the Frequency and Schedule of your contribution to Once a month (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th or 30th) or Twice a month (5th & 20th, 10th & 25th, or 15th & 30th)

They have even designed it to be convenient for you. You can settle your account  thru Auto debit from any BDO Savings/Checking/Payroll account maintained with any BDO branch.

The  Benefits to Clients are the following:

Automatic Savings and Investments
The EIP makes saving and investing automatic through its auto-debit facility. It enables a participant to regularly set aside funds for immediate investment in his chosen UITF/s.

Enrolment can be done in any of the BDO branches nationwide.

The EIP is multi-purpose since it can be used for a variety of a participant's major projects. This is unlike private and government pension funds and pre-need and insurance funds which can be withdrawn/distributed only upon retirement, disability or death.

The EIP is affordable as it can suit the budget of the participant. An EIP participant can choose any amount per contribution (starting at Php1,000.00 for all UITFs with EIP feature except for the PMMF which starts at Php 10,000.00) for investment in his chosen UITF.

Professional Fund Management
The client will gain access to the services of BDO professional fund managers who keep constant watch over the BDO UITFs.

Cost Averaging
The EIP enables the participant to benefit from peso cost averaging, a time tested personal wealth-building strategy wherein fixed amounts of investment in regular intervals over a period of time allow an investor to average his costs. This allows the participant to invest without having to constantly monitor the market. Anytime is a good time to invest!

Opening an InvestmentAccount is very easy. You just need to visit any of BDO Branches nationwide and submit the following Documents:

  1. One (1) EIP Application Form which includes the EIP Terms and Conditions and Automatic Debit Arrangement Form
  2. One (1) set of UITF Customer Account Record
  3. One (1) set of Signature Card
  4. Account Opening Kit:
    • Investor Profile Questionnaire (IPQ)
    • Client Investment Suitability (CIS)
    • Risk Disclosure Statement (RDS)
    • Declaration of Investor/s
    • Omnibus Participating Trust Agreement
  5. One (1) 1 X 1 picture
  6. Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs

For more details about Easy Investment Plan, You can visit any BDO Branches. Learn more about it by visiting this link: BDO Easy Investment Plan

Word Of Advise: 

I received alot of feedbacks from readers that when they visited their BDO Branch, the representative offered Insurance instead of UITF. 

They claimed that UITF is very risky. If you already studied how Investing works, it will  not give you a return in short term period. 

Wealth is created long term. So don't be afraid to take the risk. Second, Insurance is not an Investment. It is a Protection incase you suddenly died and you leave your loveones with a certain lumpsum amount.

If BDO Easy Invesment Plan is not convenient for you, there is another Investment Product that can help you maximize the potential of your hard earned money. You can Invest in Mutual Fund thru PhilEquity.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

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