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Jan 2, 2014

How to Improve your phone battery and your life

First of all, I'm sorry to disappoint you if you're searching and expecting for techie tips or recommendation of Apps to make your iPhone battery life longer. My article today will not discuss anything related to that. But, In some ways, what I am about to write will somehow improve your iPhone battery and your life.

This is my first attempt to write an article not related to Personal Finance and Investment. What I wish to share are ideas that will improve your life quality in today's fast pace environment. Most of us are busy working to meet our work demands, accomplishing goals and fulfilling our dreams. But, while working hard and spending more than 8 hours dedicating  to your daily job or managing businesses, you unconsciously sacrifice quality time for your family. Take note of these few tips I have applied in my life:

1. Start your day with a prayer and end with a prayer.  
The moment you wake up in the morning, Thank the Lord for another day he gave you. Avoid placing your mobile phone near your reach before you sleep. This will help you remove the habit of checking immediately your mobile phone once you wake up.

2. Place your mobile phone on a table and go outside with nature. 
You probably seriously underestimate how important this is. Being in nature reduces stress, makes you more creative, improves your memory and may even make you a better person.

3. Exercise or run for 15 minutes.  
Health is Wealth so imagine how you will spend your wealth if you're not healthy and physically fit. We all know how important exercise is, but few people do it consistently. There are numerous health benefits like, exercise makes you smarter, happier, improves sleep, increases libido and makes you feel better about your body. For me, 15 minutes exercises daily  is good enough instead of none. Don't stress your body too much.

4. Always bring a book with you.  
The reason why you always check your phone even if there is no notification is because you don't want to look bored or you already build the habit. When you brought a book, it benefits you and improves you. I recommend you bring Personal Finance book like 'No Nonsense Personal Finance: A Step by Step Guide'.

5. Focus while at work.  
The moment you sit on your desk, you have to maximize the time and start to deliver a quality work. Avoid building a habit of checking your personal emails, social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can do that while you're on your way to work.

6. Leave Work at Work. 
If you want more time for your family, you have to stop thinking about your job as soon as you leave the office.

7. Spend time with friends and family. 
Not feeling socially connected can make you stupid. Loneliness can lead to health problems like heart attack, diabetes and stroke. The longest living people on the planet all place a strong emphasis on social engagement, and good relationships are more important to a long life than even exercise. Positive friends (I added 'positive' to emphasize that you need to choose friends you get along with) are key to improving your life. Share good news and enthusiastically respond when others share good news with you to improve your relationships. Want to instantly be happier? Do something kind for them. 

Mag-Invest Ka Pinoy is an IT Professional working in Singapore. He is an advocate of Financial Literacy in the Philippines. He founded Mag-Invest Ka Pinoy in year 2012 and started the website www.maginvestkapinoy.com. The mission of the website is to encourage every Filipino to learn how to Save, Invest their money and plan their Retirement.

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