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Apr 11, 2016

Stock Pick REVEALED: Possible gain of 18.91% for you

Stock Picks, Target Prices and Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations! (size 728x90)

Did you know that our "7 Stock Picks" published in an exclusive Special Report last February 2016 have already gained by 9.72%?

That means if you invested a total of P50,000 in those 7 stocks, that money is now worth P54,860! That's a lot higher than the actual gain you've made if you merely invested in the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi), which only grew by 7.28% during the same period.

As a valued PinoyInvestor member, we'll show you right now one of these stock picks. 

Click the image below to see which stock could have given you almost 20% profit in the past month! Get a SNEAK PEEK of the stock picks here: Stock Picks Performance Recap (April 2016)

This is how we make PinoyInvestor members like you happy and profitable investors -- by giving you exclusive access to smart and useful stock reports. 

Again, for a SNEAK PEEK of the stock picks, click here --> Stock Picks Performance Recap (April 2016)

Happy smart investing!

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