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Sep 3, 2017

How Bitcoin and coins.ph can make Filipinos and OFW life easier

I have wrote an article before about Bitcoin: The Future of Payments and gave basic ideas about Bitcoin. I haven't made any follow-up article about it after that and its been two years now. There wasn't also any major news about it until just this month when its price against US Dollar surge to 1 BTC* (Bitcoin) for USD5,000++. So, if someone bought 1 Bitcoin (BTC) on 2015, it have already grown 1500%** in value. That's a huge profit in two years!

It is indeed a revolutionary invention in our time but one of the questions I would like to answer in this article is "How Bitcoin can make Filipinos and OFW life easier". I will be giving four (4) best examples on how I have utilized the potential of bitcoin in my daily life and hopefully you can find value on it and somehow make you and your family's life easier.

Here are the four (4) best usage of Bitcoin for Filipinos and even OFWs that will make their life easier:

1. Buying Prepaid Load.

You don't need to go outside and look for the nearest store just to load your prepaid number. You just need to Register an account with coins.ph, download their Apps and Cash-In to load your account.

Not only that, You get 10% back on all your prepaid load purchases.

2. Pay Bills.

You can pay your Meralco, Telecom & Broadband Bill, Cable Subscription, Credit Card, Insurance, and for OFWs, you don't need to ask someone to pay for your Philhealth and SSS, you can now pay Philhealth Premium and SSS Contributions with your coins.ph Apps. All you need to do is Register an account with coins.phdownload coins.ph Apps

3. Hang Out and "Pay Peer-to-Peer"
Source: nypost.com

If you typically hang out on Friday with co-workers or friends and you end up always paying the bill or you unintentionally forgot to pay your share and your good friend reminded you about it, then here's a simple solution I can share which me and my friends have been doing everytime we hang out.

If you always pay for the bill, immediately divide the total expenses and let them know how much is their share and tell them to send PHP or BTC via your coins.ph digital wallet. It will be much easier if you will use your QR Code to minimize giving your wallet address or email/SMS/Facebook account.

How? Just click "RECEIVE" and "Scan QR Code"

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And if you will be paying your share, all you need to do is to request for the QR Code or wallet address and input the amount and "SLIDE TO PAY".

4.Virtual Debit Card
If you have difficulty applying for a Credit or Debit Card, it is now easy to purchase anything online with your Virtual Debit Card. You just need to Activate it and put "enough" funds in your card in order to complete a purchase online.

What are the advantages of using the Coins Virtual Card?
The Coins Virtual Card is a convenient way to make online purchases wherever Visa cards are accepted.  Our Virtual Card accounts link directly with your Coins.ph  wallet in order to provide the same convenient cash-in options.  Additionally, your funds on the Virtual Cards will be stored in US Dollars, enabling convenient international purchases as well as local online purchases in Philippine Pesos.

Where can I Use Coins Virtual Card?
You can use your Virtual Card wherever Visa cards are accepted online, including leading internet services like Amazon, Zalora, Uber, Grab Credits, and many more.

For more FAQs about your Coins Virtual Card, you can visit this link.

* BTC is the symbol used to represent Bitcoin
** - assuming purchase price was during all time high of 2015 and its current value as of writing is $5000 as of Sept 2,2017.

For those outside the Philippines, you can use COINBASE to buy bitcoin and trade using Binance Exchange. 


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